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MINING MART specializes in providing comprehensive Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling services that cater to a wide range of clients, projects, and desired outcomes. These services offer cost-effective solutions for capturing accurate and detailed information in various industries, including structural, industrial, heavy machinery, and more.

With the use of advanced laser scanning technology, MINING MART can capture precise data and create detailed point cloud files. These files contain comprehensive information about process plants, civil works, machinery, or any object in the built environment. The captured data is then utilized to generate deliverables that are invaluable to designers, engineers, maintainers, and contractors.


Laser Scanning Services:

  • Mining, Engineering & Industrial Parts: MINING MART's laser scanning services are tailored to meet the needs of the mining, engineering, and industrial sectors. They utilize high-accuracy laser equipment capable of achieving precision up to 0.04mm. This level of accuracy ensures that every detail of the scanned objects, components, or machinery is captured faithfully.

  • Reverse Engineering of Smaller Objects: Laser scanning is an excellent tool for reverse engineering purposes. MINING MART's laser scanning services include the scanning of smaller objects, allowing for precise measurements and accurate reproduction. This capability enables clients to recreate or modify existing objects with confidence and accuracy.


3D Modelling Services:


Processing of Scan Point Clouds: MINING MART employs advanced software and processing techniques to convert the captured scan point clouds into mesh or CAD formats. This process ensures that the scanned data is transformed into usable and editable models. The resulting 3D models can be integrated into various design and engineering workflows, providing valuable insights and aiding decision-making processes.


By utilizing laser scanning and 3D modelling services, MINING MART enables clients to obtain as-built information with unprecedented ease, accuracy, and completeness. These services offer numerous advantages, such as precise measurements, comprehensive data capture, efficient design iterations, and enhanced maintenance and inspection procedures.


Whether it's capturing complex machinery, industrial parts, or entire process plants, MINING MART's laser scanning and 3D modelling services empower clients with detailed and accurate representations of their assets. This, in turn, facilitates efficient planning, design, maintenance, and project execution, ultimately leading to improved productivity, cost savings, and overall project success.

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